Hello, 2020!

by Olia

I am very happy to start this year by doing something that my heart wished for a long time – starting my personal blog to share my path to simple living and finding myself in a new role as a mother.

We all were someone else before becoming parents. Becoming a parent changes and challenges you in so many ways. You learn not only how to take care of and keep just born tiny human alive, but how strong, patient, scared and vulnerable you can be. Motherhood can feel lonely, it surely was for me – I just moved to a new country, had to learn a new language, adjust to a new culture and lifestyle, make new friends and start a new life from a white page.

In this picture: Chunky wool blanket

Opening my shop and its account on Instagram was like to open a door into another world. Sharing my posts, I started getting so many DMs and finally had someone I could talk to! Speaking to women from many different countries and cultures it amazed me how much we have in common! No matter where we live, what language we speak and what we believe in, as mothers we have to deal with the same issues every day and have the same problems to solve, the same craving for simplicity and finding happiness in beauty and chaos of motherhood.

This blog is inspired by DMs on Instagram with other moms from around the Globe. I wanted to extend our conversations and create a space where we can talk to each other about motherhood journey, simple living, finding balance in motherhood and share little things that can make a big difference in our lives.

So, grab your coffee, or whatever you want to pour in that cup today, and join the conversation. I am happy you are here.

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