5 ways for a positive morning.

by Olia

I know it is so tempting to start your day now by watching the news in the morning, and I do not know about you, but I can’t resist from crying every time I watch them. In uncertain times like we are living now, I believe that our mental health is no less important than a physical one. So instead of starting your day feeling sad, let’s see what is possible to do to start the morning constructing a positive mindset. Remember: you are “the light” for all the family now, and the saying, “When mama is happy – everyone is happy” is more true than ever. Here are five easy ways you can give your day a positive start.

1. Wake up 15 – 30 minutes before kids

Now most of us stay at home and are not in a hurry to go to work or school, but anyways the habit of getting up a bit earlier than the rest of the family helps to start the day in a relaxed way and will give you me-time you might missing so much right now to gain your sanity.

Isn’t it nice to start your morning with a cup of your favorite drink in silence, with no rush and without hearing “mom” 20 times a minute? It will give you precious time to take care of yourself before you need to start taking care of all the rest of your family.

I like a lot these quiet moments of the morning, and try to wake up an hour before my kiddos. But even if you will try to wake up just 10-15 minutes before the rest of the family, you will see what a significant impact it will have on your day. Then, you will love this new habit so much that you would love to have more of it (aka more time for yourself)!

2. After getting up, do 10 minutes meditation or say a prayer

Even if you never did this before, try it! You will love the feeling of clarity the meditation or prayer gives: mind with no noises, no worries, no anxious thoughts that are our new normal. This way, I allow myself to start every day with a “white page.”

To help you to relax, you may want to listen to music – nature sounds like rain or ocean waves. My favorite right now is this soundtrack – a combination of piano and rain I found on YouTube. I just put my headphones and hit “play” on my phone YouTube app – it is free and handy. I am sure on YouTube you can find a lot of soothing music and nature sounds to help you to relax.

Sidenote: I use it while working too, as it helps to concentrate, relax, and overrides the TV and other noises your family might be “doing” while you have to work from home.

3. Write down 5 things you are grateful for today in your Gratitude Journal

If you did not have it yet, please please please start a gratitude journal. I was convinced that journaling is not for me, that it is just a waste of time and that I do not need it. Then, I read about it in Rachel Hollis’s book “Girl, Stop Apologizing” and decided to give it a try. It made an unbelievable change in my whole life!

Starting your morning with listing five things you are grateful for changes how you see your day, how you feel about everything in your life, and it gives you positivity and energy to do whatever you need to do during your day.

If you look closer, you will always find those five things to be grateful for even on the most challenging and long day. It can be as small as: “I still have coffee for my mornings,” “ I am healthy,” “today is sunny,” I had a great facetime with my friend yesterday,” etc.

Sidenote: I also started to make “my wins today” notes inside my daily planner, and it helps me to go to sleep feeling better. The “wins” vary – from “did not cry today” to “managed to finish a new item,” “catch up with homeschooling,” “made my fitness routine,” etc…

4. Spend 10 minutes “outside”

It does not matter if you have a beautiful private garden around your home or just a window or a balcony, try to spend your time “outside” in the morning. I usually take my coffee and sit on the balcony listening to birds, wind, and town noises. Even just to stay near an open window, feeling the breeze of air on the face is lovely. Now more than ever.

Nature always doesn’t stop to amaze us, and spending your morning “together with it” helps to recharge and to feel calm. As if it says: “Life goes on, it will pass”…

5. Plan to accomplish just one important thing during the day

This is a special “love note” to all who keep working at home. Give yourself grace, permit yourself to slow down. Now you have to take care of so many things and emotions, it is ok that you can not “do it all.”

And you do not have to. Usually, it is recommended to plan three important tasks for a day not to overwhelm and to be more productive, to accomplish more. Now, if you can do even one crucial task for work a day, it is an accomplishment! Homeschooling, cooking more meals, cleaning more, supporting your children or parents, friends emotionally, grocery shopping that takes 1,5h – 2 h minimum with the line to enter …

I can go on and on about all the new things that we have to deal with now. You physically can’t do all the things you managed doing before. And it’s ok. It will pass, and you will be back to do more.

The most important work we all have now is to stay healthy and survive this time with less stress as possible. I repeat it – remember: you are “the light” for all the family now, and the saying, “When mama is happy – everyone is happy” is more true than ever.

Now it is your turn!

Please, share in the comments below what helps YOU to start the morning with a positive vibe. I would love to learn new ways to add positivity to my day!

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