Creating Stay Salty.

by Olia
Stay Salty collection embodies the spirit of never-ending summer.

Stay Salty is a capsule collection for summer I created a year ago (2019). This collection has such a personal sentimental meaning for me because its designs are based on the happiest times of the year I spend at sea with my little tribe. I wanted this collection to embody a “never-ending summer” feeling and help you to create beautiful summer memories with your little ones.

Winter vacation, port of Antibes, France. This is where the collection was designed.

It happens that all the collections I design at the seaside – autumn-winter designs during the summer vacations at Adriatic Riviera and the spring-summer during our Christmas vacations at French Riviera. It’s funny because I can not swim, but the sea is always a great font of inspiration for me.

During one of our errands at the beach during winter vacations, I was thinking about the summer and all the beautiful memories we made with my children: our sunset walks at the beach, camping parties with friends, dining out at the seaside and discovering the Riviera castles. The nostalgia was so strong that I took a piece of paper, pen and started to sketch the summer designs similar to what I made for myself and Sofia that I want to add to my shop’s product line.

At the beach: never not working 🙂

I and my little muse always get tons of compliments about our handmade summer tops, beach covers, and bags (made by me) every time we stepped on the beach. The shawls were my magic trick to transform any day dress into an evening outfit when we wanted to stay at the beach restaurants for dinner, and the best company for our sunset walks.

I wanted to combine all the designs that were part of these happy memories in one line that would help to make summer of any mama and her baby girl very special.

Besides looking and feeling good, I wanted my designs to be multifunctional and help you to save space in your luggage! For example, the shawls you can also use as:

  • newborn swaddle
  • newborn baby blanket for a bassinet, Moses basket, crib or stroller
  • shawl  for an older sister to substitute the cardigan
  • mommy shawl or oversized scarf

Fresh and stylish “Crop Circles” blankets for newborn boys and girls will protect your baby from sun and wind, allowing good air circulation and letting the skin breathe.

This year I am adding some “mommy and me” designs because Sofia and I love so much twinning the outfits. Unfortunately, all the new items are still in the making due to the current lockdown situation that makes working a daily “mission impossible.” But in the next weeks, I will start adding them to the shop as products and patterns.

This time I decided to add the new items “as they are ready to go” without making an official collection launch: different times – different ways to do things.

You can access Stay Salty collection here.

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