Home fitness for a busy mom.

by Olia

Today I want to share a few home fitness finds with all moms who, like myself, need a new system to survive the lockdown physically and mentally, who seek to find balance and gain back the serenity during this challenging time.

We all heard so many times that fitness is more about how you feel than about how you look. During lockdown time, I realized how true this saying is. Immense stress, moving around less, cooking delicious sweets more than usual to have fun with kids became a new normal, at least in our house. One day you feel super active and manage to do zillion things and handle a million troubles. The day after, maybe you have even a relatively quiet schedule, but you feel completely blocked and can’t push yourself to do anything. This emotional roller-coaster does not help at all when you have kids.

I am not a fitness coach or expert. I am the opposite – serial gym skipper. But to fight insomnia, anxiety, stress, and extra kilos gained during the last few weeks, I needed to find a solution. Yoga and workouts always helped me to pull myself together. So I created a simple home “fitness routine” that makes me moving five days a week in between work, homeschooling, 2 – 6 video classes a day my three kids have to participate, and all the housework.

Last year I tried the Ultimate Fitness program of #bodybossmethod, which is perfect for working out at home. If you are looking for the “systematic” approach that will help you to move, have fun, and be motivated to workout – I would highly recommend it. It is probably the only fitness program that I managed to follow without skipping and did not end up hurting myself. Twenty-four minutes workout three times a week, no special equipment required – this is all it takes. The course comes with the warm-up, working out, and cool down videos, it is excellent for any fitness level and has a 4-week pre-training program for beginners. Check them out on Instagram to know more- @bodybossmethod. You will love the page community, tons of free videos, tips, and challenges they do on the page.

My Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I am following Body Boss program:


And on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I check another great source of home workout videos – YouTube. During last years I collected quite a big playlist with workout videos: from quick 5 – 10 minutes to half an hour yoga/ pilates workflows and dancing cardio.

My favorite channels are POPSUGAR Fitness (they also have a fantastic Instagram page) and Caro Daur (her channel is new, but I love love love her workouts). I pick up the video from “the list” according to how much time I have and my mood. A lot of times, my workouts start with no motivation and no wish to do it at all, but always end up with a big smile.

Important to remember.

  • do 10 minutes warm-up before the actual workout and 10 minutes cool down after;
  • if you have problematic zones (like low back or knees) avoid doing certain types of exercises;
  • instead of weights, you can use the bottles of water;
  • instead of a bench, you can use a small table or a chair.

Saturdays and Sundays, we do not have homeschooling and online lectures, so I encourage kids to do some fun and easy activities together. Sometimes it is dancing, and sometimes we do quick yoga flows to learn the basic asanas. If you have a small baby or like to work out with kids, check out my Pinterest board, Yoga Mom. I created this board when I started practicing yoga after 15 years break. I was searching for resources online to teach kids yoga so we could play and workout together. It is full of great resources for a new mom: articles about postpartum and pregnancy yoga, mom and baby yoga, and much more.

I hope my finds and resources I shared in this post will help you to find a way to stay positive during the lockdown. Having something that you can control and that can “glue your pieces together” helps a lot to keep going. Doing some fitness, even if you have not done it before and do not consider yourself a fitness person, can become that glue (as it became for me). I think that movement is an excellent way of self-care. It does not matter how much time you spend to work out – if it is just 5 minutes or an hour a day – just keep going, keep breathing, keep taking care of yourself, keep walking through the hard times. Tomorrow it will be better.

Now it’s your turn! 🙂

Do you like to work out? What are your favorite activities? Whose programs or workouts do you follow? Share in the comments below your favorite resources and communities that help you right now. I would love to explore new opportunities and to try new things!

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