Why the Ears of Wheat Became the Symbol of My Brand

by Olia

When I started my shop I wanted to help new mothers who did not know how to knit and crochet to create something special and unique for their babies. In years my design and approach to creating evolved but the purpose remained the same: to be timeless and create boundaries between family generations, to last and communicate the warmth of happy memories being in mother’s arms through time. 

Created with love for your little dreamers…

On the pictures of my creations you will often see the ears of wheat, and today I want to explain why it became a symbol of my brand.

Childhood memories are probably the most precious thing we have in life, and they are the fuel of my creative work. My happiest childhood memories are the summers spent at my grandparent’s village in Ukraine. My grandpa was working at the collective farm and the most exciting event during the whole summer was the days when the wheat was harvested.

Even today I can close my eyes and still feel the smell of the freshly cut wheat, the smell of rain in the air, and remember the rush and excitement of “the harvest” days to collect the grain before the rain starts. It was simple barefoot summertime lived together with my two cousins who had the same age as myself. The life “in the wild”, among nature. The beautiful and simple childhood experience of discovery, love, and freedom.

I remember how we ran up the hill to see the combiners in the endless fields of wheat around and guessing which one was driven by our grandpa. In the evening, after dinner, we were waiting outside the house for him to come home from work. He was coming home tired and covered by sweat and “grain powder”. Three of us were fighting who will serve him the dinner and speaking nonstop altogether. After working all day under the sun he was so tired that could barely speak, but I remember his happy smile looking at us and patiently answering our zillion questions about his day.

It was like a lifetime ago, but these memories are so alive in my heart and help me to create the timeless pieces for a new mom to bond with her little one even before he will say hello to the world. The ears of wheat embody all that I want to bring from these childhood memories into my designs. They represent simplicity, respect to nature, family life, the value of making something beautiful by your own hands, the bond between the generations, the warmth, and love given to the people you care for most.

My favorite blankets from giant wool – “the clouds of happiness”

Whether it is a product or a pattern, they are created to make your most precious memories of motherhood and your baby’s first childhood memories warmer, softer, and more unique.

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