Lilly Blanket: a Story Behind the Name.

by Olia

Baby blanket Lilly was one of my first knitted blanket designs and till now it is one of my favorites. Today I want to tell you a story behind its name.

You will be surprised, but most of the winter and autumn designs for SofiBabyShop are usually made at the end of June and July to be ready for a photo shot and to be listed in September. That means that I am making the AW designs in July while we are “glamping” at the sea with kids and grandparents. As most part of the day we spend at the beach, you can imagine how it feels to work with chunky wool when it’s more than +40°C outside. I am sure people at the beach think that I am completely mad.

Blanket Lilly also was created in one of those hottest weeks of the year. I just discovered the chunky yarn, and it was my first design made from this type of wool. Love from the first touch and first stitch! It feels soft as a cloud and works so fast that you will never have an unfinished project again. The best stitches for the chunky yarns are the ones that are the most basic and simple. Yarn makes them stand out amazingly. And Lilly blanket is made in a garter stitch which is so easy to knit.

Finishing my new blanket with fluffy tassels I was watching my kids playing with the boys of our camping “next-door neighbors” and their dog, and just couldn’t help but think that my blanket reminds so much of Lilly – the sweetest big dog that my children fell in love with from the first time she let them hug and play with her.

At home, we don’t have pets and I must admit that all in our family are more “cats kind of people”, but Lilly won our heart from the first instant we met her. She was a big black “second mommy” for my children: mothering friend, pet, playmate, guardian, amusement park (they did all kinds of rides on and with her). I was surprised by her patience and wisdom tolerating all the things my kids did with her during playtime.

One of the favorite moments of “my little tribe” was to hug and cuddle up when Lilly was lying down. They played with her fluffy ears, and sometimes she looked like a big chunky blanket with which my kids wanted to cover up. That’s why when we came back home, and it was time to list my new designs, I decided to name my blanket after Lilly.

The “camping neighbors” became our dear friends, and we spend together every August, so I can say that my kids grew up with this dog. And she became a sort of a family member for us, loved and adored by everyone for her big heart.

Now Lilly is old, and in the last two years, she doesn’t come to the sea vacay any more. She spends most of her time sleeping at home, and we go to visit her during the year because we miss her so much during the summer.

The snuggly softness and kindness of our dear friend Lilly will always live with us, thanks to the blanket. You can grab a pattern for it here and make it yourself. A perfect project for the slow weekend – it will be ready just in 2-3 hours!

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