Dreaming About Serene Summer 2020

by Olia

This image became a symbol of our SBS summer collection for 2020 because I believe that all of us, including myself, are dreaming of finding peace of mind and serenity after the tough months behind and uncertain, full of questions months waiting for us ahead.

2020 started for all of us roughly and unexpectedly. COVID made a devastating walk around the world, and we all had a very, very heavy six months. With summer approaching, I was thinking about how nice it would be to create something sweet and special for a new mom and her new baby. Items that will help to capture those walks at the beach or a bit of free and happy time together with her little one. This collection is dedicated to all women who have pregnancy during COVID, and who expect their babies to be born in 2020.

Airy and dreamy soft baby blankets

SBS crochet blankets from natural cotton are perfect for warmer seasons as they create ideal air circulation and let baby skin breathe. They protect and warm without overheating, and will look stunning in any modern nursery. You can choose from classic white and other beautiful shades.

Baby Headbands

Beautiful adjustable headbands to add a cute touch to any outfit and any occasion. They are tiny, dainty, and simple, and all have adjustable tie back closure.

Cute newborn baby apparel

Knitted and crochet shorts will look gorgeous with any baby outfit you have at home. They will enhance even simple onesies or a t-shirt. This year photo shoots were canceled, so I created a few simple looks to make it easier for you to imagine how to style these products and how will look like on your little one.

For mommy and older sister

For this summer, I added soft and beautiful shawls for mom and older sister to help you create beautiful memories together with your littles about summer 2020. Believing in “Less is More,” I applied this principle to mommy and me apparel and created summer shawls for you and your #minimi. Why buy two same outfits if you can buy one and wear it together?! All shawls have one universal size that will fit from 6 years old to adult. ⁠

Now it is ” Less is More fun. ” ⁠And I think that “wearing together” helps to create a special bond between you and your daughter. They try on mommy stuff all the time anyway, but this time it will fit!

I dream that this summer will be full of loving moments you’d like to remember! What are your dreams about summer 2020?

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