Quality Time With Children At Summer

by Olia

Till 2020 summertime for our family meant sea, sand, and wild camping life. Like every working mom, I always felt guilty that I spend not enough time with my kids. Between school, work, and after-work activities, we spent together 3-4 hours a day during the workweek. I felt that I miss a lot of important moments in my kids’ life, and it was making me very sad.

During summer 2019, I decided to spend quality time with each of my three children separately, as the opportunity to be “alone” with me rarely happens during the year. We tried some new activities that were the nicest memories of last summer, and I hope that our experience can inspire you too.

Ice-cream date

What can be better than inviting your child for an ice-cream date on a hot summer day?! In Italy, we have so many artisan ice-cream shops that it’s hard to decide which one to choose. Every weekend in the evening or afternoon we were going to a different place to try new tastes and had a zillion of fun!

Sunrise at the Beach

Watching the sunrise and having breakfast at the beach was an excellent way to start the day together. If your child is used to wake up early, you can try to do a morning walk along with breakfast at the beach. Start the day without rush, watching the rising sun and listening to waves whisper. The feeling of belonging to and connecting with waking up nature around is fantastic.

If you and your child are not early birds, try the walks on a sunset. They are very relaxing and refreshing. I must admit that they became my favorite time spent on the beach – almost no people, beautiful soft colors, and fresh breeze that feels magical after hot sunny day.

Make some unusual activity together

Like walk under the rain, foam party or go to watch a moto race together. Anything that is “out of usual” will do! Making new experiences together is such a great way to bond. You learn so much about your minis and yourself too.

Let them play with animals

Visit the places where the children can learn about the animal world and get in contact with animals. As we don’t have pets at home and kids ask me every day to get one, I thought it would be a nice idea to teach them that to care about animals is a big responsibility and require patience, dedication, and work. We regularly visited sea turtles hospital, went to the local park and horse riding club. They still ask me to get a cat every single day, but now understand better that a pet is not a toy.

Teach them something new and let them teach you their favorite activity

I taught my twins how to use a camera, shoot landscapes, and do basic photo editing in Lightroom and Snapseed. In return, they taught me to ride a scooter. OMG! I had no idea it’s so much fun. Never going back to bicycle ever again. Every lesson usually ended with an ice-cream break.

Go on a day tour together

We went on a day tour to explore little towns around the place we were staying for the summer vacation.

These trips did not require a lot of preparation, they were easy to handle, and added so much fun to our vacation.

These were some of the activities that made our most precious memories in summer 2019. In 2020 I wanted to try weekend getaways during the summer, but … like many other plans, it vanished after COVID hit the world. Honestly, I was not sure that I could see the beach this summer, and I feel so lucky that at least my kids can enjoy the sun, sand, and simple wildlife this year. Hopefully, we can make our weekend getaways in the nearest future or next year.

Italy is so beautiful and is full of places to visit. The next destinations I want my littles to discover on our “weekend getaways” are:

Do you have a travel bucket list? What destinations would you like to visit with your children? Share in comments below.

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