How to Find Your Perfect Yarn

by Olia

Finding your perfect yarns is very important because it can make or break your knitting or crocheting experience. Colors, texture, composition, and thickness are the main features that make yarn pleasant to work with and define your favorite design styles, techniques, and stitches.

When you work with a pattern, usually, every designer is featuring the yarn that was used to create the design, but it does not mean that this is the only option you have and should follow. Sometimes you can not find the same yarn, or you can’t work with it because you are allergic to the fiber, or you want more unique options that can’t be found in the regular yarn stores (aka hand-dyed or handmade artistic yarns). Whatever reason is, once you know what yarn weight you will need for your project, you can choose the yarn that is perfect for YOU – your budget, taste, and creative spirit.

Featured: Greta from @knittingrevolution spinning her fabulous artistic yarns

Let’s have a closer look at how to choose the yarn that will work best for you. Here are some questions that will help you to make a choice.

Warm Season or Cold Season?

Is the design you want to make is for cold or warm weather? Do you plan to wear it indoors or outside?

Answer to these questions will determine what yarn composition or weight you will choose for your project. For example, you will not use super bulky, chunky, or jumbo wool for summer designs and lacy cotton yarn for a winter blanket. At the same time, if the winters are not very cold in the place where you live, or if you will use your garment inside (considering average room temperature 18-21° C) you are not limited to use only wool fibers, cotton will work perfectly too!

Wool Sensitive or Allergies Free?

If you are allergic to wool or any particular fiber, it’s evident that you can’t work with it. It will sound strange, but this factor was the main reason why making became my passion. Expecting Sofia, I wanted to make for her a beautiful snuggly blanket, so I grabbed a pattern, bought the wool, and… ops – got sick on my first day of crocheting. I was upset but stubborn – I wanted to make this dreamy blanket for my baby girl no matter what. And I started to try yarns with different compositions – cotton, novelty, mixed. I discovered that I am allergic or sensitive to most of the yarns that were available in local yarn stores, so I started to look for other options online. And it opened the door to a fascinating world – my “problem” became my exciting adventure. Because trying a new yarn is like going on a first date – it finishes more or less the same way: love from the first touch or “see you never.”

Natural or Mixed, Luxury or Budget Friendly?

Organic natural yarns tend to be costly, but we all know that quality means expensive. Choose what is right for YOU- would you like to go for something artistic, sustainable, organic, or something simple and budget-friendly before you fill confident in your skills and would want to invest more in supplies? The choices you have are endless, take your time, and explore them. It’s so worth it! Yarns are a fascinating world; once you dive in it, you will know what I mean.

Handwash or Machine Wash?

Organic and most artistic yarns are delicate and require delicate care. Most mixed, acrylic, wool-free fibers can be machine washed. If you prefer machine wash over hand wash and still would like to work with natural fibers, check the natural yarns that have a “superwash” treatment label.

After all my yarn hunting, tries, and errors during the last 15 years I discovered that for my winter projects organic merino wool works best for me. It is heavenly soft and does not cause any troubles. For summer I like to work with cotton and pure silk.

I hope that this little “quiz” will help you to find the yarns that will work best for you and will encourage you to try new brands and fibers. What yarns do you love working with right now?

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