Three Big No-Nos When Washing Wool Handmade Garments

by Olia

Each handmade item is made with love and requires gentle and loving care. If you need to wash the garment that you’ve purchased, it usually comes with the care instructions. If you threw the label, you can always check on the web site of the vendor or contact the shop and ask how to care for the item you’ve bought. As for the designs made by yourself – the care instructions to follow are specified on the skein’s label. If you don’t have it anymore, you can do the same as mentioned above – check the web site of the yarn manufacturer or contact the vendor.

Today I want to talk about taking care of handmade wool designs. In particular, I want to speak about three big no-nos for washing your wool garments.

  • If the label states that you can wash the item in the washing machine (you will see the magic word “superwash” or the washing machine icon), do not use the “wool” cycle. Use the “gentle” cycle instead. Even if you have a super expensive and new machine with 42 functions, Wi-Fi and God knows what else in it, please, do not use the wool cycle for handmade items. Handmade have different tension than the machine-made, which means different resistance. It happened so many times that machine knitted wool sweaters or accessories were washed using the “wool” cycle and they were like new, but then I saw my super expensive hand-knitted cardi turning from oversized to newborn size and completely felted. To be safe, I always go for a gentle wash cycle not to risk having this surprise anymore.
  • For both machine or hand washing do not use “normal” fabric detergent, bleach, or fabric softeners. They will “kill” the fiber and guarantee that your item will felt and shrink. I use a specific neutral soap for wool and add half of the recommended dose to be sure that my “woolly” will not be upset with me and look nice after washing.

  • Do not hang your item after washing. It will deform it and ruin the look. Air-dry it flat on the thick towel, changing wet towel to dry a few times.

Even though the handmade designs are more complicated to care for they are worth all the trouble. And it’s better to be careful and double check twice correct product care than risk to destroy your favorite sweater, scarf, or blanket.

Have some tips about handmade wool garments care? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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