Knitting Terms Glossary in British and American English

by Olia

If you work with patterns of designers from different countries, you’ve probably noticed that there are a few common knitting terms that are different in British English and American English. Here is the comparison chart of the most used knitting terms in both languages, and a handy PDF you can download at the end of this post.

American English British English
Stockinette Stitch Stocking Stitch
Reverse stockinette stichReverse stocking stitch
Seed stitchMoss stitch
Moss stitchCorn stitch / double moss stitch
4 stitch left cable/cross 4 stitches to the leftcable 4 front
4 stitch right cable/cross 4 stitches to the rightcable 4 back
Through the back loop (tbl)Through the back of the loop (tbl)
Bind offCast off
Yarn overYarn forward
Wool over /round needle
Yarn over /round needle
Yarn to the front / forwardWool forward
Yarn to the backWool to the back

As you can see, some terms are easy to “guess” and there are some that can create confusion (like moss stitch, for example). Usually, every designer specifies in which language the pattern is written.

Grab a handy knitting terms PDF chart you can print or save on your phone, and check it when needed.

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