Crochet Terms in American and British English

by Olia

When you work with the pattern, always pay attention to the language of the pattern (usually specified by every designer in the description of the pattern). There are different terms for crocheting in British and American English languages. Today I want to share the comparison chart of the most used crocheting terms in American and British languages, plus their symbols in the pattern’s diagrams.

Slip StitchSlip Stitch
Single CrochetDouble Crochet
Half Double CrochetHalf Treble Crochet
Double CrochetTreble Crochet
Treble CrochetDouble Treble Crochet
Double Treble CrochetTriple Treble Crochet
Double Crochet ClusterTreble Crochet Cluster
Magic LoopMagic Loop
Bind offCast off
Yarn OverYarn Over Hook
SkipMiss / Skip

My patterns are written in American English, but I always include the chart with terms in both languages to avoid the confusion.

Grab your free PDF chart you can print or save on your phone, and check it when needed.

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