How To Add Crochet Boarding to Your Knits

by Olia

I dedicate this post to knitters who do not crochet. Personally, I like to polish up my knit designs adding a crochet boarding. It can be almost invisible boarding that looks like neat chains or something fancier like I made for the blanket below. Crochet details also can add texture, volume, and interesting accents to simple knit stitches.

Today I want to share with you a video tutorial showing how you can add boarding to your knit garment or blanket using 3 basic crochet stitches. Each stitch count as a different boarding. Even if you never crocheted before, you will see that it’s not as complicated as you thought!

I made a tutorial for a blanket boarding, but using these three crochet stitches you can add drama to your sweaters, scarves, or any other knit apparel. For example, crochet sleeves can add incredible detail to a sweater’s body in stockinette stitch. Your fantasy is only a limit!

Let me know if you have any questions in comments below.

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