Behind the Release of Rewind AW Collection

by Olia
Autumn in Modena province, Italy
Modena Province, Italy.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year. The beautiful colors, warm and comfy outfits, cozy home and so many traditional events in our Modena Province make this season especially dear to my heart.

Needless to say that Autumn 2020 will be different for every family. As a small handmade business, my “year” or “main season” starts in September with AW release, and this year it could not be more different than ever! What happened this year changed us and the way we do things, our vision, and how we see the future no matter where we live. After reflecting for weeks on how to start a new season, I decided to go for a drastic change for my shop, and before doing that, bring back the most loved designs of all times since the shop was open for the very last time.

That’s why the collection is called “Rewind.” Every item is sold as it is (no variations and customizations) and once sold, it will be gone forever. The only exception – chunky family blankets in giant merino wool. I had so many requests and questions when they will be back, that decided to make these “clouds of happiness” a permanent part of our shop’s product line.

Giant merino wool blanket

About all the new things coming up, I will tell you in one of my next posts. Today I want to give more insights and behind the scenes of the Rewind collection. It was created not only for bringing back “old bestsellers,” but I also wanted to bring a bit of Italian Autumn into your homes and nurseries too. To make you feel that “slowing down” and “comforting” vibe of fall, the family holidays spirit, and the calm of the evenings spent together under a snuggly blanket watching a favorite movie or reading a favorite book. To remind how beautiful Autumn is and that life goes on, no matter what happens to us right now.

That’s why besides all-time favorites in classic and neutral shades, you will find blankets in beautiful fall colors of nature around that inspired my creative soul.

Mustard is a primary color of local parks and hills. This color also reminds of Italian honey “Millefiori” that we use a lot during cold weather for the morning tea, hot apple drinks, or baking favorite autumn pies.

My little town is surrounded by wineries. Every time I go outside the town’s center I see the grape leaves turned into red, coral, and light orange shades during fall. That’s why I made my Lucy blanket in the wool of the coral color. This bright fall shade will look nice in any baby nursery adding a bit of seasonal mood to its decor.

One of the famous wines produced in Modena Province is Lambrusco – a red sparkling wine that is the most exported in the world. It is produced from the family of different grapes and has an intense, fruity, and almost dry flavor that goes perfectly with typical autumn meals of the Emiglia Romagna region. I have chosen its deep red color that is so beautiful and rich for Savannah wool blanket. It will look fabulous with any nursery style and is perfect for both boys and girls.

The new season is here, and I hope that my little handmade blankets will help your baby’s first Fall or Winter to be more pleasant, comfortable, and unique. Let’s celebrate and welcome new life, be grateful for all the fantastic things we have, and remember the importance of the little things in life.

Click on the image to see full Rewind collection.

Happy Autumn snuggles and cuddles! What do you like most about fall???

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