The best is yet to come…

by Olia

This year hit us hard. Every family, business, and every country had to find a way to survive the pandemic impact. I think all of us these long months learned more than “life in the mask” and to keep a distance. I discovered my strengths and weaknesses I had no idea existed and had to look at my life, my family, and my small creative business from a completely different perspective.

I don’t remember who of my business coaches or mentors said it (sorry):

” When times get hard, remember your why. Why did you start your creative business?”

It worked! I decided to go back to the core and why of my creative mission – to help new mamas create a cozy and beautiful nursery filled with love, care, and sweetest dreams. When opened Sofi Baby Shop, I wanted to give to new moms who do not knit or crochet an opportunity to get a keepsake handmade baby blanket for their baby, because it’s more than just bedding! It’s a way to show all the love to the person you can’t wait to meet, have something unique, made just for YOUR baby to keep as a memory about a happy and chaotic “newborn bubble” or pass down.

Revising my sketchbook this summer and making inspiration boards for AW 20-21, I found a photo of a sign “The Best is Yet to Come”. I do not know why, but these words stuck in my head, and I refused to give up on this year! New life brings hope for tomorrow, and I think this year it needs to be celebrated and appreciated even more.

I released this week the “core” collection that will stay permanently in the shop. Each item is made to order for YOUR baby! You can choose the preferred size – bassinet (small) or the crib (universal blanket size). Instead of releasing seasonal collections, I want to focus on building a fantastic experience and help you celebrate bringing in new life. I found fabulous cotton yarn – durable, dreamy soft, and in timeless organic hue, which complements and enhances pattern stitches. I wanted my blankets to be easy to choose, look nice today, and many years later, and seamlessly fit into any home decor. I’ve made a little video that explains my idea that you can see below.

Newborn baby blankets will remain the heart and soul of my shop, but this year I want to go a step further – I want to show new mamas or dads how to make beautiful and comfy designs for their baby, wardrobe, and home by themselves. I hope to see more people doing beautiful things by themselves. I want to show how simple and fun knitting and crocheting can be, how doing it you can survive stressful days and create something amazing at the same time.

At the moment I am working on preparing to release patterns for all my existing baby designs during the next few weeks. This means it will be not only blankets but cute newborn apparel as well!

There will be also a lot of pattern testing opportunities, so check the “PATTERN TESTING” tab on our home page next week! I also will publish more LEARN materials for absolute beginners and for those who did not knit or crochet for years but would like to give it a go.

This is the best time to start a new hobby! Look for new tutorials, announcements on YouTube and Instagram, and upcoming posts with updates on the blog.

The best is yet to come! And I can’t wait to share it with you.

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